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K-Theory, Arithmetic and Geometry: Seminar, Moscow University, 1984–1986

This quantity of study papers is an outgrowth of the Manin Seminar at Moscow college, dedicated to K-theory, homological algebra and algebraic geometry. the most issues mentioned comprise additive K-theory, cyclic cohomology, combined Hodge buildings, conception of Virasoro and Neveu-Schwarz algebras.

The Proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem by R Taylor and A Wiles

The facts of the conjecture pointed out within the name used to be ultimately accomplished in September of 1994. A. Wiles introduced this bring about the summer time of 1993; although, there has been a spot in his paintings. The paper of Taylor and Wiles doesn't shut this hole yet circumvents it. this text is an variation of numerous talks that i've got given in this subject and is under no circumstances approximately my very own paintings.

Differential Geometry. Proc. conf. Peniscola, 1988

This quantity of complaints includes chosen and refereed articles - either surveys and unique study articles - on geometric buildings, worldwide research, differential operators on manifolds, cohomology theories and different subject matters in differential geometry.

The Twenty-Seven Lines Upon the Cubic Surface

Initially released in 1911 as quantity 13 within the Cambridge Tracts in arithmetic and Mathematical Physics sequence, this ebook offers a basic survey of the matter of the 27 traces upon the cubic floor. Illustrative figures and a bibliography also are integrated. This e-book might be of worth to someone with an curiosity in cubic surfaces and the background of arithmetic.

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