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By Song X., Davidian N., Tsiatis A.A.

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The claim that all truly mental phenomena are experiential phenomena is fully compatible with the view that we cannot really make sense of the idea that Louis is capable of having cognitively complex experiences without supposing that all sorts of nonexperiential, dispositional predicates are also true of him. Searle expresses this familiar view vividly, although not unproblematically, with his talk of the “Network” and the “Background” (1983, chap. 5; see also Stroud 1991; Searle 1991; and Searle’s reformulation in 1992, chap.

In one sense, of course, they do not have the same aural experience, because of Jacques’s automatic segmenting of the stream of sound into words. But this is unimportant here. Consider another case in which two English speakers hear a coded message in which nothing but whole English words are used to stand for other English words. One of them is intensely familiar with the code, the other does not know it. Here the basic aural experience of the two people may be very similar indeed, although one has an automatic and involuntary understanding-experience that the other does not have.

It may be argued that one does not need to draw a clear line between the mental and the nonmental, because it is a priori that the nonmental cannot have any essential part to play in an adequate account of the nature of the mental. Here is such an argument. [1] Everything is what it is and not another thing, as Bishop Butler said. [2] If two things are defined complementarily, as x and non-x, then non-x cannot, by definition, be any part of the essential nature of x, and 24 Chapter 2 hence cannot be part of what has to be mentioned in a full account of x considered in itself and in its essential nature.

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