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By Fawaz A. Gerges

This e-book presents a finished account of the origins of yankee coverage on political Islam, chronicling the coverage debates on Islamism within the usa over the process time. the writer then delves deeper into the USA political scene to research the historic, political, cultural, and safeguard concerns that may support clarify America's preoccupation with Islam and Muslims. The e-book additionally addresses the conflict of civilizations debate and assesses the relative significance of tradition and values within the phrases and deeds folks officers on political Islam.

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19-20. ISLAM AND MUSLIMS IN THE MIND OF AMERICA ments, established dynamic and cordial relations with Arabs and Muslims, who viewed America as a progressive island amid European reaction. Even after it became a superpower, the United States was much less constrained by colonial, historical, and cultural factors than its European counterparts. Political and economic control have been the driving force behind Washington's Near East policy. "8 Although the religious and intellectual challenge of Islam continues to seize the imagination of many people in the United States, it is the security and strategic implications of the mass politics of Islam that resonates in the minds of Americans.

Policies toward Iran, Iraq, and other Islamist movements in the Arab-Israeli theater. If there is one characteristic that unifies confrontationalists, it is their explicit identification with Israel. Confrontationalists have been most effective in targeting policy areas related to the Arab-Israeli conflict on which a relative consensus exists in the United States. S. approach toward political Islam. Suffice it to say that the tensions and disagreements among academics and policy advocates parallel those within official government circles.

P. " Washington Post, 8 March 1992; Robin Wright, "Islam, Democracy and the West," Foreign Affairs (Summer 1992), pp. 131, 133. 38. Edward Said, a perceptive critic of the Western discourse on Islam, contends that "there is a consensus on 'Islam' as a kind of scapegoat for everything we do not happen to like about the world's new political, social, and economic patterns. " See Said, Covering Islam: How the Media and the Experts Determine How We See the Rest of the World (New York: Pantheon Books, 1981), pp.

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