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By Robert Chazan

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See the discussion above. 77. In addition to the sources cited below, see Baba Mezia 104b and Hullin 56b, where Ashi's opinions are rejected by the anonymous editors with the words "And it isn't so," and see the discussion above. 78. Ketubot 15a-b and Hullin 45a. 79. Zevahim 50b-51a. 80. Pesahim I la (and parallel). Yevamot 21a and 82a, Baba Mezia 71b, Baba Batra 145a, Zevahim I l0b, and Menahot 95b. Y. 81. See, for example,Arukhha-Shalem,ed. , Vienna, 1926), vol. 1, pt. 2, p. 15; and Marcus Jastrow.

In anothercontext,he questions the reliabilityof R. 49 but in the Yosef criticizesseveralother statementsby contemporaries,50 above two contextsit is clearthat his reactionis fueledby ill-feelingtoward the individualand not merelymomentaryangeror irritationin responseto 46. See also Moed Katan 24b for Sheshet's comment on a statement by R. Yizhak, a thirdgeneration Palestinian sage. See also Shabbat 43a-b. 47. Baba Batra 9a-b. 48. Baba Mezia 16a. " Perhaps Rava shares Rami's high opinion of Sheshet, but simply denies that in this particular instance Sheshet's argument is decisive.

A reportof Rami'sdeath follows, and Rava claimsthat Rami died becauseof his exclusionof Menashya,implyingthat Rami'sdeath cameas punishment for the insufficientrespecthe displayedtoward another scholar. In exchangefor Hisda'sservice,Rami agreesto revealhis interpretationof a 54. Berakhot 47b. TALMUDIC PORTRAYALS OF AMORAIC RELATIONSHIPS 187 mishna. Rava reacts with amazementand very likely more than a hint of jealousy in responseto Hisda's acceptanceof Rami's argument,which he thinks is faulty.

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