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More entropy production attends downward heat and buoyancy flux. 75. Surprisingly, the two buoyancy flux terms cancel. A calculation of entropy production attendant on eddy vapor flux, following the same recipe as for heat flux, shows that a similar fate befalls the buoyancy flux because of vapor flux. The physical explanation is that the heating of air parcels, or adding lighter water vapor to them, increases their potential energy and reduces the strength of the entropy source associated with heat flux.

1990) argue, on the other hand, that laboratory waves correctly portray the roughness of sea surface at very low C p /u ∗ . 12, the “constant” C in Charnock’s law first increases then decreases with increasing C p /u ∗ . 12 Nondimensional roughness gz 0 /u ∗2 versus inverse wave age u ∗ /C p , representing velocity distributions observed over the windsea. The lines show supposed functional relationships deduced from these data by two different groups of investigators. From Donelan et al. (1993).

Therefore, it also affects the temperature and humidity distributions, just as it influences the velocity distribution. In dimensional argument, the Obukhov length L conventionally represents interface buoyancy flux. 62) with φt , and φq functions to be determined by observation. A number of different empirical formulations for these functions have appeared in the literature. By general agreement they are the same for temperature and humidity, φt = φq . In the stable case, with buoyancy negative, Obukhov length positive, the simple consensus formula, φt (z/L) = 1 + βz/L, applies, the same as the correction for the velocity gradient, although with some variation in the value of the constant β.

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