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This machine would use paper supplied by M-Real and coated by Agfa. 7) has been Page 32 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2005 Advances in Flexible Electronics Displays Applications 4 built and is being shown to customers. Acreo is seeking partners for exploiting this system under a rather original industrial association scheme (page 93). 7 Integrated display, input system and power system all printed on paper Source: Acreo Dynamic display functions Packages that display dynamic status information are common; the most famous and obviously useful ones are indicators for battery charge or product freshness.

Here the paradigm change is presumably not so much at the end-user level, but in the entire production chain, starting with design and continuing with production and distribution. 15 shows a modest prototype by Switzerland’s CSEM of a glowing personal Page 42 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2005 Advances in Flexible Electronics Displays Applications 4 monogram that shows special care lavished on a personal letter. 16 shows the technology for an electrochromic postcard, where a picture would be revealed by applying a voltage.

Having licensed US technology, it developed an OLED with better brightness and viewing angles. This is reminiscent of what happened decades earlier, when Sony took the shadowmask CRT and turned it into the Trinitron. 21 shows the new Clié that features it. 21 Sony Clié VZ 90 Source: Sony Electrochromic displays Electrochromic (EC) displays operate on several different principles. 22). EC displays seem poised to make a mark, at least in the segment display markets. NTERA is an Irish start-up that uses technology originally developed at EPFL, Switzerland; it has recently accelerated its commercialisation plans.

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