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By American College of Sports Medicine

ACSM's Certification overview is a overview handbook for applicants short of an ACSM credential together with ACSM qualified future health health expert (HFS), the ACSM medical workout professional (CES), and the ACSM qualified own coach (CPT) certifications. content material is predicated at the wisdom, talents, and talents (KSAs) present in ACSM's instructions for workout trying out and Prescription.

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Venical ground reaction forces are between lwO­ and threefolclthe bod) These forces are realized at lleel stnke as an impacl and eI uring push·off as an acti \'e 2. Abnormal Running Gait As with \\-alkl11g, runlllllg gait disorders are diITiculL to because 0/ then complexity and varying manifestations. 'vlosl common problems associated with running involye rear foot motion during heel strike and push·Dff a. Prondtion 1) A combination of abduction, everSIOn, and dorsIflexion, pronation is greatest at midslance and can he affected by running speed and by shoe hardness and deSIgn.

B) C) i'v'lyofibril. DJ IVluscie fiber, o. 8, C) D) 3. ,;imus dorsi. D) Teres minor. f(,1110ris, Castrocnemiu5, I, ~ baseball pitcher complains of weakness in the Lueral rotation motions of the shoulder. \Vhich of the muscles would you adyise him to strengthen! Subscapularis, B) Teres major. o II. Which of the following is cOllsiclereclto he a "hall­ and-socket" joint) ,~) Ankle, B) Elhow. C; Knee. D) Hip. 12, Winch of the following terms describes the ahility 01 a force to cause rotation of a lc\Tr?

16. Blood £1o,,'s from the peripheral anatom\' to the heart through the superior and inferior wnae ca\ae into which of the following chambers( A) Right atrium. B) Left atrium. C) Right \entricle. D) Left \entricle. 17. \\'hicb blood \essel is com posed of one cell layer and functions to exchange nutrients and ,,'aste materials bel\wen blood and tissues( -\) Capillan. B) Arteriole. C) Venule. D) Vein. 18. \Vhich of the [ollo"'ing statemcnh J11l),1 J l l Llj ,\I,' i \ represents the la" o[ inerlIa:' A) A hody at rest tcnus to remain at rest.

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