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By F. Wulff, L. Rahm, P. Larsson (auth.), Prof. Dr. Fredrik V. Wulff, Prof. Dr. Lars A. Rahm, Prof. Dr. Per Larsson (eds.)

During contemporary a long time, large-scale results of toxins on marine estuaries or even complete enclosed coastal seas became obvious. one of many first areas the place this used to be saw is the Baltic Sea, wherein the looks of anoxic deep basins, large algal blooms and removing of best predators like eagles and seals indicated results of either elevated nutrient inputs and poisonous substances.
This publication describes the actual, biochemical and ecological approaches that govern inputs, distribution and ecological results of food and poisonous components within the Baltic Sea. large reports are supplemented by way of budgets and dynamic simulation models.
This publication is extremely interdisciplinary and makes use of a structures procedure for examining and describing a marine surroundings. It offers an summary of the Baltic Sea, yet comes in handy for any marine scientist learning huge marine ecosystems.

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The inevitable conclusion is that Henning's heat budget is in serious error and if the whole error is ascribed to the evaporation estimate this should be reduced by some 20 %. The dynamics of the surface layer of the sea are intimately coupled to buoyancy fluxes due to heat fluxes through the air-sea interface, including evaporation, and to precipitation (and runoff), and there is a mutual feedback between such fluxes and the temperature and salinity of the surface layer. Thus, computations of the rate of evaporation and the other terms in the heat budget should not be done as an isolated task, as in, for example, Henning (1988), but using a seasonal pycnocline model that computes the heat storage and gives the correct feedback due to changes in the surface temperature.

Fifthly, diapycnic or vertical mixing (i. e. mixing across density surfaces) in the deep-water pools, transporting sea Physical Oceanography of the Baltic Sea 21 Freshwater d iffusion (mixing) sea water entrainment dense bo= :ij. dense bottom / current '\ " ::,', '---+ t S Interleaving vertical advection salinity Fig. 1. Important dynamic elements of a stratified filling box of the type encountered in the Baltic Sea salt upwards, is known only quantitatively, but in the virtually tide-less Baltic it should, by different mechanisms, ultimately be forced by the wind.

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