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By David P. Jackson, His Eminence Jigdral Dagchen Sakya

In 1960, the Tibetan lama Dezhung Rinpoche (1906-87) arrived in Seattle after being pressured into exile from his place of birth by means of the Communist chinese language. Already a respected grasp of the lessons of all Tibetan Buddhist colleges, he may ultimately turn into a instructor of a few of Western Buddhism's such a lot remarkable students. This inspiring and not likely biography of a latest Buddha is absolutely annotated, and contains images.

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Rechungpa's biography stands proud as a result unorthodox unfolding of his attention. His satisfaction and conceitedness prompted him to head opposed to Milarepa's recommendation 3 times, placing his perform in danger. regardless of this main issue, Rechungpa's timeless devotion to Milarepa served because the reason for his enlightenment as evidenced by means of Rechungpa's success of rainbow physique at his death.

"At this time, because the helpful teachings of the incomparable Buddha unfold during the international, the numbers of the trustworthy develop day-by-day. those a number of humans need to know of the nice realized and comprehensive holy beings who arose impartially some time past -- the chronicles in their legacy of excellent job for the doctrine, their deeds, their songs, and so forth.

"With those wishes and aspirations in brain, Namo Buddha courses and Kamtsang Shrab Choling have collaborated to translate and put up this crucial precis of the actions of Jetsun Rechung Dorje Drakpa. I celebrate of their efforts during this virtuous job for which they've got the top altruistic intentions. "

His Holiness,
The seventeenth Gyalwa Karmapa
Ogyen Trinley Dorje

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Today is the eighth day of the [nimh lunar] month, and the twenty-second will be the holy day of the Buddha's descent from the heavens (Lha 'babs dus chen). I am enclosing here a Mafijusri "wisdom pill" made by 'Jam mgon Mipham Gyatso himself. Early in the morning on the twenty-second, the young boy should take this pill and then that day he should recite as much as possible the "Arapacana" (the mantra ofMafijusri, the great Bodhisattva ofWisdom). 49 Then he should begin serious studies, and he should take initiations and vows from such masters as Nyiga Dorjechang.

Huang Wu, Taipei, March 19-20, 1983. Photo courtesy of Chinese-Tibetan Cultural Institute, Taipei. 435 124. Dezhung Rinpoche at Karma Thubten Choling. Wappingers Falls, New York, August 1984. Photo courtesy of Nina Shoumatoff. 444 125. Dezhung Rinpoche with Lama Norlha. Photo courtesy of website. 445 126. Kunzang Nyima as dashing monk attendant. Cambridge center, 1984. 448 127. Dezhung Rinpoche with students at Cambridge center, 1984. 449 128. Dezhung Rinpoche dictating the life ofNgawang Lekpa to Dhongthog Rinpoche, Seattle, 1985.

He was originally a layman, with pierced ears. His father intended to make him the next chief, though the young Shenga was not interested in marriage. The Gyalkhang chieftain family, like many Tibetan nomads, made some of its livelihood by rustling horses and raiding. Once when Shenga was a young man of about sixteen, he went on a horse-rustling raid with his uncle. They succeeded in stealing a herd of horses, but when they were making their escape, one mare with a bulging belly kept lagging behind, slowing FIRST SCHOLASTIC STUDIES 27 down all the other riders and horses.

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