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So are the flight hours form Singapore to Hong Kong. If the question is: which flight takes more time. Then our answer is surely the second flight. The reason for us to get the answer quickly is that we know there exists a number able to describe the flight hours well. It is the average flight hours. The average flight hours from Singapore to Hong Kong are 3 while the average flight hours from Singapore to Beijing are 6. If the question is changed to "which flight is more on time", the answer also depends on a single number, called variance.

35) /. J. 36) * « . 39d) lim F(x, j ) = 1, F(x, y) is a right-continuous function either for x or for y. F(x+0,y) = F(*. yJZQ. 41) Any 2-dimensional function having the above-mentioned properties can be used as a joint distribution function, If F(x,y) is the joint distribution, then the distribution function of X can be obtained from F(x, y) through Fx (x) = Pr(Jf <, x) = Pr(Jr < *, K < ao) = F(x,»). 42) 14 /. Randomness ami probability Similarly, the distribution function of Y can be obtained from F(x,y) through F,{y) = F(*>,y).

The actual unemployment rate is not known. To know it would require surveying the entire American labor force, some 150 million people — an insurmountable task. S. Just how strong is this resemblance? It is up to the statistician to answer that question. Here is an astounding fact. If one uses proper methods to survey 1500 people from a population of millions and millions, one can certainly find the percentage of the entire population who support the current president up to the accuracy within 3%.

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