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By Je Tsongkhapa, Thupten Jinpa Ph.D. Ph.D., Kilty Galvin

Tsongkhapa's A Lamp to light up the 5 Stages (1419) is a entire presentation of the top yoga type of Buddhist tantra, particularly the main practices - the so-called 5 levels (pancakrama) - of the complex section of Guhyasamaja tantra. starting with a radical exam of the Indian resources, Tsongkhapa attracts quite from the writings of Nagarjuna, Aryadeva, Candrakirti, and Naropa to enhance a definitive figuring out of the Vajrayana of completion degree. while within the iteration level, meditators visualize the Buddha within the kind of the deity living in a mandala palace, within the finishing touch degree mentioned within the current quantity, meditators go beyond usual awareness and actualize the nation of a buddha themselves. between different issues, Tsongkhapa's paintings covers the sophisticated human body structure of channels and winds besides the method of demise, the bardo, and rebirth. This definitive assertion on Guhyasamaja tantra profoundly affected the process Buddhist perform in Tibet.

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Beings can attain the highest sid­ dhi by relying upon this path in that form, as can those of great wickedness, as illustrated by the line “For those keen on killing living beings,” and those who for the time being have wrong views. Therefore it was in order to gather these beings that the Vajra Canopy was taught. So how can it be said to teach the criteria for determining a tantra to be mother tantra? The Two Types o f Tantra 37 Concerning the explanation that the two types of tantra were explained in order to tame men and to gather women, in this tantra mother tantras are also referred to asyoga tantras.

Tsongkhapa does not shy away from rejecting an Indian text as misleading or falsely attributed if it does not stand up to reasoning. Part 2 begins with an account of how the Guhyasamaja traditions arrived in Tibet. This has been briefly described above. This is followed by Tsong­ khapa asserting the importance of the student training well in the sutra path of bodhicitta and understanding emptiness before entering the path of the Vajra Vehicle. He then describes the necessity of following the prescribed sequence of initiation, maintaining pure tantric vows and pledges, and train­ ing well in the generation stage before embarking on the completion stage.

The Arya master and his son-like disciples57 have mentioned five Guhya- Specific Explanation o f Guhyasamaja M ethod Tantra 47 samäja explanatory tantras. Nägärjunas Five Stages™ lists the Tantra Requested by the Four Goddesses, Explanation o f the Intention, and the Vajra Garland. 59Candraklrti s Illum inating Lamp, when comment­ ing on the first two syllables of the introduction, mentions by name Tantra Requested by Indra? as reference. In commenting on the remaining syllables, when it says “From the explanatory tantra .

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