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By Richard Sherburne

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Like a good flask filling all aspirations. It is like a lance because it vanquishes all corruptions, its enemies. Like armour because it wards off all careless activity of mind. Like a sword because it beheads corruption. Like an axe because it chops down the tree of corruption. Like a weapon because it defends from rebirth. 1sara. Like a cyclone because it scatters all the veils of obscuration. It is like a motto because it summarises all the· resolves and practices of a bodhisattva. Like a shrine for all the worlds of gods and men and demigods.

However, my Gurus taught me that one should hold the system presented him by his own Gurus. , The excellent Acaryas Nagarjuna, Asanga, and Santideva are all in accord. And my own Gurus, venerable and glorious Bodhibhadra and SuvarQadvipa, scholars of our own day, follow their system. I in turn followed my Gurus in that small ritual5 I composed for a group of my disciples; and mY, presentation is simply that of Nagarjuna, Asanga, and Santideva, and can be summarised as follows: Preludes to Begetting the Thought Two things are prerequisite, like watering, so to speak, for growth of the wish-granting tree of Enlightenment Thought: [1] purification of mind, and [2] presentation of gifts to the Guru.

Ot. 819 (SS: p. 279). SS: p. '279. The siitra is not found under this title in the Tibetan catalogues. Unidentified. Progress in Practice, Ot. 5272, Vol. 5. ibid. SS: p. 155. Ch. VI: 119. Ot. 739, Vol. 5. Ot. 760 (23), Voi. 4. Unidentified. Unidentified. Ot. 815. Vol. 3. Praise of Ultimate Truths, Ot. 2014, Vol. 4. SS: p. 249. gsang-ste phyir-mi-ldog-pa. The phrase is interpreted in the lama tradition as referring to the First Bodhisattva Level, but the significance of the "in secret" or "privately" has been lost.

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