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"A solid, concise special effects textbook overlaying 3D innovations, crucial basics idea, and easy-to-follow OpenGL functional programming in Java. "Dr. Jack Bresenham, Retired IBM Senior Technical employees Member Increasingly within the geographical regions of technology and undefined, special effects is a space of severe value and application.

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The support of IEEE standard floating-point types makes the Object Pascal language completely appropriate for the wide range of programs that require numerical computations. If you are interested in this aspect, you can look at the arithmetic functions provided by the compiler's system unit (see the compiler documentation or use the help system for more details). Delphi and FreePascal also have a Math unit that defines advanced mathematical routines, covering trigonometric functions (such as the ArcCosh function), finance (such as the InterestPayment function), and statistics 16 Both FreePascal and GNU Pascal include the Comp data type.

Specific Windows Types The predefined data types we have seen so far are part of the Pascal language. Delphi and FreePascal also include other data types defined by Windows. These data types are not an integral part of the language, but they are part of the Windows libraries. Windows types include new common types (such as DWORD or UINT), many records (or structures), several pointer types, and so on. Among Windows data types, the most important type is represented by handles, discussed in Chapter 9.

In Pascal, a set is generally used to indicate nonexclusive flags. For example, the following two lines of code (which are part of the Delphi library) declare an enumeration of possible icons for the border of a window and the corresponding set type23: type TBorderIcon = (biSystemMenu, biMinimize, biMaximize, biHelp); TBorderIcons = set of TBorderIcon; In fact, a given window might have none of these icons, one of them, or more than one. Another property based on a set type is the style of a font.

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