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By Barbara Ann Kipfer

BUDDHA’S solutions TO LIFE’S day-by-day DILEMMAS

Is it attainable to discover peace of brain in rush hour site visitors? how are you going to sit back with the consistent ringing of your mobile phone? while is there time for mindfulness in the course of a chaotic workday?

863 Buddhist how you can overcome Life’s Little Challenges exhibits tips to conquer the hitches, hiccups and hardships of recent existence in the course of the knowledge of Buddha. You don’t must be a Buddhist to learn from the assistance during this e-book. Open to any web page and you’ll discover a real-life challenge through an easy-to-apply resolution for conquering it in a spiritually enjoyable demeanour.

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"At this time, because the important teachings of the incomparable Buddha unfold through the international, the numbers of the trustworthy develop day-by-day. those quite a few humans need to know of the nice discovered and finished holy beings who arose impartially long ago -- the chronicles in their legacy of excellent task for the doctrine, their deeds, their songs, and so forth.

"With those wishes and aspirations in brain, Namo Buddha courses and Kamtsang Shrab Choling have collaborated to translate and put up this crucial precis of the actions of Jetsun Rechung Dorje Drakpa. I have a good time of their efforts during this virtuous job for which they've got the top altruistic intentions. "

His Holiness,
The seventeenth Gyalwa Karmapa
Ogyen Trinley Dorje

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Instead of ordering the specialty coffee, just walk by the coffee shop, take a deep breath, and enjoy that. SITUATION: It is a little bit more expensive and a little bit of a hassle to get, but you are beginning to understand the importance of purchasing and eating locally grown organic food. You are even thinking of joining a local co-op farm that grows organic food. WISDOM: Food safety, both for humans and the Earth, is a real-world problem. One solution is to grow and eat locally grown organic food.

Bring timely energy to do what needs to be done. SITUATION: You are hosting a neighborhood party at your house. During the hors d’oeuvres, you see one of the neighbors double-dipping his chips in the salsa. You notice that a couple of other people see the same thing. You don’t know if you should say something to the double-dipping guest. WISDOM: You have witnessed something that may be harmful to others’ health. At some time or other, we all act in ways that harm others. When someone commits a harmful act, see if you can create conditions for happiness and break the cycle.

Your karma, like fruit, ripens from thoughts and actions you have planted. You do not know when it will manifest, but each thought and action will manifest someday. Be mindful of what you do in the moment to sow karmic seeds of happiness for yourself and the world. Travel SITUATION: The train is really crowded for today’s commute, and the air conditioning just stopped working. WISDOM: In your mind, see a mountain lake with a smooth, glasslike surface. A breeze sends ripples across the water. As the breeze subsides, the ripples do too, and the water is smooth again.

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