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Download 50 Ways to Improve Your Powerboat Driving by Dag Pike PDF

By Dag Pike

This is a e-book approximately functional powerboat riding in boats huge and small, working at speeds among 20 and a hundred knots. it really is approximately concepts that may purely be picked up from experience—practical how one can make your riding more secure, more straightforward and higher, regardless of the conditions.

This ebook begins the place so much different books end. you will have learnt the real fundamentals of powerboat using, yet now it is time to see how you can translate those fundamentals into useful dealing with ideas for you to use to offer a greater journey and feature a smoother passage. With the aid of this e-book, readers will choose up professional suggestions such as

  • Handling a quick boat in waves and head seas
  • Matching reaction instances to sea conditions
  • Using the throttle to impact trim

    50 how one can enhance Your Powerboat Driving distils Dag Pike's adventure received from over 50 years of riding an entire diversity of craft from high-speed powerboats and lifeboats to ships. Written through essentially the most skilled powerboat...

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    Because the chines are located low on bottom, they help to prevent the hull from heeling over. If it heels, the flat surface of the chines becomes an inverted vee and this generates even more lift on the down side of the hull so stability is assured. This stabilising effect, combined with the deflection of the water cleanly away from the hull to reduce the frictional resistance, makes a significant improvement to the performance of the hull. Spray rails perform a similar function lower down on the angled panels of the hull.

    The seaworthiness of a catamaran in waves can be compromised when the waves start to impact on the cross deck between the hulls. If the speed is reduced at this point, the hulls will sink lower in the water and the impact increases so that a catamaran will tend to have a quite sudden cut-off point where the seaworthiness deteriorates quite markedly. Trimarans, on the other hand, tend to have the cross deck linking the hulls located well aft, with the side hulls being little more than stabilisers.

    You can find that on many high-performance engines the full power only comes in with the last 1,000 rpm of the rpm range and this can make driving the boat difficult. Not only will the throttle movement be limited to this last few rpm, but it will also be difficult to get sensitive control because the engine will tend to 'on' or 'off' power rather than a steady increase. It is petrol engines that tend to have this more limited power range for throttle response. Generally, the more powerful the engines, the slower will be the response, although the slower response of a diesel engine is balanced by good low-speed torque, meaning that you should have a reasonable response throughout the rpm range.

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