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Download 101 trout tips : a guide’s secrets, tactics, and techniques by Landon R. Mayer PDF

By Landon R. Mayer

Each fly-fishing challenge has an answer. This selection of suggestion from veteran teacher Landon Mayer is helping you examine your prior errors and find out how to adapt to quite a lot of fishing conditions.

Unorthodox ideas for universal fly-fishing problems
Covers every little thing from fly choice and rigging to touchdown fish
Features 250 colour images to demonstrate right thoughts

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Новейший карманный справочник по выживанию в экстремальных условиях. Незаменимое пособие для любителей активного отдыха. Информацию о том, как правильно подготовиться к выходу в поход, что надо обязательно взять с собой, как одеться, поставить палатку, ориентироваться по компасу, звездам и приметам в лесу, что делать, если вы заблудились, как развести костер, сделать снегоступы, сплавляться по реке с использованием подручных средств и многое другое, вы найдете в данной книге.

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On my next guide trip, I began having my clients fish different rigs. I had one fish a Hopper Copper Dropper and had the other fish a standard nymph rig of two flies, split shot, and a strike indicator. It was amazing how many fish not only reacted to the natural appearance of John’s rig, but were willing to rise to the higher fly no matter what the season. This forced me to constantly make adjustments to rigs during guide trips. Instead of being a cumbersome chore, it became part of my clients’ daily routines.

I prefer to match live shrimp, knowing this is the version most commonly seen by trout. Mysis are commonly released below different tailwater dams, or swept downstream from the vegetation on the river bottom. In high flow the live shrimp have a chance to drift downstream while remaining alive, possessing a translucent appearance. In low water many of the shrimp trout see are dead and torn apart from their previous high water journey. These shrimp are opaque, with crippled bodies. An effective but ugly pattern in this situation is a Candy Cane shrimp, size 14-18.

Barr’s Vis-a-Dun is one of the planet’s most versatile flies. By changing the body color and size, you can match a Pale Morning Dun on the West Coast and a Sulphur in the East, in addition to a Blue-Winged Olive or a Trico—all with just one pattern. #16-20 Buckskin THE FORGOTTEN FLY Problem: The trout are so selective that they have refused all my variations of the adult. Solution: Try a terrestrial imitation that doesn’t match the current hatch to trigger a take. I never leave a selective trout that is rising to everything except my flies.

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