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By Raymond M. Olderman

Studying to speak successfully can clear up a number of difficulties within the place of work ahead of they ensue. This ebook explains the entire crucial equipment of conversation and comprises fabric on non-verbal and pass cultural conversation.

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Make sure that the information, especially statistical data, is complete, and there are not any important points missing. Caution Don't take any chances with your evidence. All of it should conform to the five-C criteria. Otherwise, you may risk undermining the strength of your arguments and losing your audience. • Clear. An analogy or anecdote should be easy to understand and clearly relate to your central message or supporting evidence. • Consistent. The evidence you present should be consistent with the expectations of your audience.

42 43 By telling your listeners what you plan to say and using frequent summaries, you can lead them gently to the conclusion of your presentation. I l@ve RuBoard I l@ve RuBoard Close with a Call to Action The closing of your presentation is often the last opportunity you'll have to make an impact on your listeners. You want that impression to be as powerful as possible, so here are the elements to build into your close: 1. End the presentation with as much energy as possible. 2. Repeat your central message and the meaning of the message.

Causes include A culture that has been research driven, not market driven 36 37 Past dominance in our field with very little competition An unwillingness to learn from our competitors Solutions: Streamlining the R&D process Benchmarking our competitors Creating teams that include research and marketing people Spatial Order This pattern works well when you're trying to create a visual picture for listeners. Suppose you want to explain the layout of a new facility, or the geographical distribution of your company's retail outlets.

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