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Greeks were thus led into falling precisely into the trap of interchanging positive and negative images of the Others, depending on their shifting and composite discursive preoccupations. Freely combining strict ‘either-or’ and flexible ‘both at the same time’ matrixes can only lead, however, to a series of insoluble ‘double binds’. Hence, the paralysing riddle surrounding the narration of Greek origins and history. Changing contexts called for contradictory choices of identity discourses. ). It is natural therefore that all main debates about what Greeks are, and what they should be, can be traced back to this original discursive contradiction.

The adherents of zapad, the Westernizers, from Peter I onward emphasized modernity in terms of economic and political improvement. They translated ‘the West’ as ‘progress’. In the wake of the French Revolution liberal ideas of individual human rights were added to the agenda of modernization. The idea of a Western model to emulate was constantly challenged by the idea of a Slavic historical destiny demarcated from the West. In some brief periods Europe has also appeared as a promise of a way out of the East–West tension that is a permanent and traumatic theme running through the entire history of Russia since its inclusion in the occidental state system in the seventeenth century.

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